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AirOmatix has developed a novel, patent-pending, photochemical process for concentrating oxygen from ambient air. We can generate higher oxygen purity at greater flow rates than the legacy pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology




Ohm Charging offers a comprehensive EV home charging solution, streamlining the entire installation process. Our web-interface includes instant and accurate cost estimates, ensuring transparency in expenses.



Avol builds autonomous electric cargo aircraft that reduce air transport costs for logistics carriers like DHL, starting with interisland cargo deliveries between airports. Avol’s key differentiator is its novel blended-wing aircraft with massive internal cargo volume, which uses mostly off-the-shelf parts to achieve fast regulatory approval.



CUs an automated, zero-touch origination channel into a growing pool of high credit quality assets. With, CUs can easily onboard solar loans, grow their loan portfolios and increase their brand equity in the community, while offering customers a transparent and hassle-free solar loan experience.



Day Zero Water make versatile UV water purification products for emergencies and daily use. Our products are designed to improve human health and reduce carbon emissions. It’s the smartest way to make safe drinking water for your family – anytime, anywhere.



Green Canary have distilled years of sustainable design and development consulting insight to develop cloud-based software that provides an intuitive approach to LEED compliance, Well protocols, and sustainable business practices.



The Grengine™ Power System is an award-winning battery energy storage technology capable of taking on the world’s biggest energy challenges. Grengine’s™ plug-and-play battery system allows the replacement of greenhouse gas-emitting, high maintenance, diesel generators with silent, fumeless, and low-or-no-cost of maintenance batteries that can be charged by renewables or the grid.



Margik is creating the future where smart OrganicLEDs enhance our quality of life. Margik’s OrganicLEDs are made from Earth-abundant and safe materials, unlike current LEDs that ustilize scarce and toxic elements. Our products enable natural lighting while decreasing power consumption by 23%, and reducing greenhouse emissions by 66%.



Pacific Futue Farm Network – We are a closed environment vertical hydroponics company with the goal of providing modular rental systems on site or in a warehouse for customers who want to grow or have us grow product.




Tall Oaks Enviromental is a data management and reporting tool for land protection and stewardship. It helps organizations like land trusts track their work and manage their data so they can be efficient stewards of the environment.



Volterra Technologies is developing a ‘first of its kind’ real-time EV battery health monitoring and management software to help fleet managers who are transitioning to electric vehicles, solve their battery health problems before they occur with EVCare, a virtual battery engineer in the cloud, saving time, resources, and money, with an added bonus of extending valuable battery life up to 15%.

Making Healthy, Locally-Grown Produce Affordable And Accessible For All Through Environmentally Conscious Means. We incentivize farming through the creation of turn-key urban farms that utilize novel end-to-end labor automation and energy management systems to reduce costs.




Pure Blue Tech makes self-cleaning reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for low-cost viable water treatment and reuse. Clean membranes produce more with less waste, maintenance, labor, and time. Industries and cities can reuse water, thereby reducing their economic, water, and carbon footprint.



Lateral.Systems LLC is an AgriFoodTech platform company targeting Novel Indoor Agricultural farming systems. Our mission is to enable next generation of farming by accelerating the intersection of promising modern technologies to advance sustainable and ethical production of food, was founded to develop technology for making RV travel sustainable. We’re developing systems including software, and hardware for the unique challenges and opportunities that vehicle electrification will bring to the RV market.




Universal retrofit kits from Blue Dot Motorworks convert almost any car, pickup, SUV, or van into a plug-in hybrid. This is sustainable mobility done scalably and economically, with less waste and greater equity.




Bayou Energy’s software platform provides clean energy startups with electricity billing and usage data via API or CSV files while ensuring a smooth customer onboarding experience. Receive the best utility data while freeing up your team to focus on your core business with just a few clicks or lines of code.

Evtek is a next generation Recycling Systems Company, focused on increasing recycling rates by allowing people, businesses and governments to have a direct connection to their recycling actions. The Evtek EcoSystem creates a new and unique recycling experience by giving our members 100% verification that their items were actually recycled. Members can then receive money, rewards and/or donate the value of their items to further the positive impact of recycling. This is all possible through soon to be patent pending software and hardware technologies that allow us to collect and process recyclables better than ever before.


Leveraging its patents, SolarX Works has developed an enabling technology platform for controlling solar energy distribution: SolarXOS – the multi source smart energy operating system. The first application of that technology is our patented xCOLD solar-powered industrial refrigeration system – designed to reduce post harvest waste.



ioAirFlow’s analysis platform identifies performance and efficiency issues in commercial buildings. Our tool saves our customers time spent on analyzing data and drafting reports, which reduces their labour costs by an average of 30% per building tested.


Sharper Informatics Solutions are preparing to launch, a data platform for companies who want to run energy efficiency programs and need to forecast their program data to gain access to funding opportunities. The platform is tailored to the requirements to propose programs to the California Public Utility Commission, who invests more than $600M per year in their energy efficiency portfolio.

Start with a foundational patent spun out and licensed from the University of Alaska. Mix in cutting-edge research at the University of Washington, and the Colorado School of Mines. What emerges? A rapidly growing tech startup, laser focused on developing solutions to the most pressing water treatment and environmental remediation challenge of the 21st century. 



Chapul Farms is a project development company that designs, builds, and operates modular insect farm infrastructure projects.  Chapul Farms’ mission is to restore biodiversity to agriculture, soil, and planet earth for a more sustainable, resilient, and secure food system.



EarthUp is the first of it’s kind – a SaaS platform and multi-sided marketplace that allows employers to baseline the environmental impact of their employees working from home and commuting to the office, and engage their employees to reduce their footprint and track the reduction over time..



Matidor is a VC-backed project management software made specifically for fieldwork — where it helps to be able to see what is happening with your projects on a map. Our platform directly addresses a long-lasting need in the field services industry for oil and energy companies: collaboration. It helps facilitate the complex relationship between environmental consultants and their clients (operators, municipalities, energy producers, etc.), by enabling seamless collaboration on location-based projects.


Voltaic produces Electric Recreational Boats,  Electric Powertrains, and Batteries. Ground-up design to optimize efficiency and performance. Voltaic has completed two patent filings and starting a funding round in 2022. Plans for a Decentralized Autonomous Engineering Organization, enabled by Blockchain.


Sustainabilist is enabling higher profit and lower risk in the solar and energy efficiency sectors with scientific process improvement, custom software, data science, and machine learning


BlueDot Photonics is building the next generation of solar panels and photonic devices for all of the inhabitants of our pale blue dot. Sunlight will never be the same.



Hempitecture LogoHempitecture is the US leader in hemp construction. We work with architects, builders, engineers, developers, and creators to build energy efficient, non-toxic, and carbon absorbing environments. We can consult, provide materials, and professionally install your next hemp project.


Maxwell Vehicles electrified conversions enable environmentally friendly cost savings by producing systems that can save customers up to $10,000 per year. Our customers drive the most sustainable and cost-effective cargo vans on the market.


Stark Street Materials logo

Stark Street Materials is developing the next generation radiation shielding garments that are made from non-toxic elements, lighter weight fabrics, can have more versatile forms and are repairable and recyclable.

WHYGRENE adds value by addressing the challenges of the power industry by creating the CryptoJouleⓇ Distributed Energy Exchange (DEE) for Virtual Power Plants.  Our application incentivizes customers to balance the load by installing battery storage and participating in demand response programs.


Wheyward Spirit is producing ultra premium spirits from whey. What would otherwise become a waste biproduct from local artisan cheese makers is diverted into a high value product. Their first spirit is Kau Bell vodka.


STARS Technology Corporation are working to make low cost, low carbon hydrogen a reality. They have developed the Dish-STARS hydrogen generator that extracts hydrogen from water and natural gas with a world record setting efficiency


Sironix Renewables is designing smarter multi-functional molecules, which eliminate the need for harmful additive chemicals in consumer products. They are targeting their technology toward real world problems, including better laundry detergents, safer agricultural products, and everything in-between.


BladeRunner Energy is developing a scalable micro-hydro solution that incorporates a proprietary rotor and flexible power takeoff configuration that allows for the generator and power electronics to be housed above the water, dramatically reducing costs while improving reliability.