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Presentation Coaching with Pivotal Communications

Connie Miller from Pivotal Communications will lead a session to fine-tune your public speaking skills prior to the final pitch competition. Where should you stand? What should you do with your hands? Is my posture and verbal language connecting with the audience? Connie will walk each team through these important considerations. Come prepared with your pitch and be ready to work on messaging, verbal delivery, hand gestures and more.

Be sure to bring your latest due diligence packet for Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator staff review. This includes your:

  • Latest pitch deck
  • Latest executive summary
  • Latest customer discovery report


  • Refine your pitch deck and practice your pitch delivery. Practice your pitch in front of your teammates, friends and family.

Event Information

Seattle Presentation Coaching Session

Detail to be announced.

Portland Presentation Coaching Session

Detail to be announced.

Mentor Activities & Assistance

  • Practice your pitch with your mentors! Go over the key messages outlined on each slide, as well as your presentation delivery. Also, be sure to have your mentor review your latest one-page executive summary.
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