Below is contact information for each of the 2019 cohort companies. Please let Rachelle know, if you need something updated, or if you want to add more contacts for your company.

State Company Name Company URL Primary Contact Person Primary Contact Email Tech Sector
WA BlueDot Photonics Jared Siliva Solar
WA Hexas Biomass Wendy Owens Biomass/Materials
WA Maxwell Vehicles Max Pfeiffer Mobility
WA SCW Technologies David Malcolm Circular Economy
ID Hempitecture Matthew Mead Green Building
OR SHB Engineering n/a Evan Hughard Biomass
OR Sustainabilist Jason Trager Solar
OR Stark Street Materials Anna Brown Materials

We have also created a Slack group. Here is the link to join, if you did not receive it via email or if you want to have your colleagues join.