Office Hours Round Robin Session 2

Office hour sessions offer an opportunity to meet one-on-one with subject matter experts on topics covered in the previous weeks of the accelerator program. The round robin format places subject matter experts in different conference rooms.

Each Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator cohort company receives one hour in each room with each subject matter expert. Four topics will be covered by the subject matter experts. Session 2 covers:

  • Financial Strategies & Projections
  • Funding Pathways
  • Go-To-Market Strategy: Sales & Marketing
  • Manufacturing & Product Development

Come prepared with your latest deliverables to work side-by-side with the available subject matter experts. The Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator staff will also be asking for a copy of these deliverables to track your progress. Specifically, bring:

  • Latest Business Model Canvas
  • Latest Executive Summary
  • Latest Startup Self-Assessment
  • Latest 12-Month Financial Projections
  • Latest 5-Year Financial Projections
  • Latest Customer Discovery Report
  • Pitch Deck Slides:
    • Financial Projections
    • Exit Strategy
    • Go-To-Market Strategy
    • Team

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Week 11 Prerequisites

Use this time wisely to prepare for your one-on-one meetings with subject matter experts! Come prepared with the latest version of your:

  • Business model canvas​
  • Pitch deck
  • Legal issues checklist
  • Startup self-assessment checklist

Be prepared to ask questions and don’t be afraid to follow up for clarification.

Event Logistics

Seattle Office Hour Round Robin – Tuesday, August 20
Hosted by Dorsey & Whitney

Columbia Center | 701 5th Avenue, Seattle
Floor 61
11:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Optional lunch from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Portland Office Hour Round Robin – Thursday, August 22
VertueLab Office

VertueLab & Emerge Interactive Office | 412 SW 12th Ave, Portland
2nd Floor
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM  (Individual times will be scheduled)

Additional Requirements

Homework & Deliverables

  • Incorporate feedback received from subject matter experts during the office hour sessions.

Mentor Activities & Assistance

  • Meet with your mentors to go over accelerator curriculum, homework and deliverables. Be sure to share your latest challenges and successes.