Week 9: Go-To-Market Strategy: Sales Channels, Processes & Teams

Creating a cohesive go-to-market strategy is one of the biggest challenges for emerging cleantech startups. This week’s video and live session will outline strategy insights while walking through the process of creating sales channels, processes and teams.

What’s the best approach to research, target and capture market share? Where do sales channels fit into the equation? How do I prepare bottom-up market projections that potential investors will actually take seriously?

Each of these questions will be explored as you learn how to manufacture, market, sell, support and evolve your products and services to meet customer needs.

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Week 9 Requirements


Live Panel Session: August 7

Go-to-Market Strategy
Wednesday, August 7, 2019
5:00 pm to 6:30 pm PDT

Click here to view the recorded webinar.

Additional Tools & Resources

Homework & Deliverables

  • Continue conducting your customer discovery interviews (at least three per week).
  • Deliverable: Update your business model canvas as you learn from the customer discovery interviews.
  • Deliverable: Extend your 12-month financial forecast out to five years.
  • Deliverable: Create your go-to-market plan based on what you’ve learned from the customer discovery process and with support from your mentor. The go-to-market plan should include:
    • What market segment will you target initially?
    • How do your market segments/potential customers learn about your product/service?
    • How will you increase awareness through marketing?
    • What sales channels will you use?
    • How will you expand your geographic reach?
    • How will you expand into other customer segments?
  • Deliverable: Using the Pitch Deck Template, based on what you know today, prepare:
  • Go-to-market slide​.
  • Financial forecast slide.
  • Deliverable: Assemble all drafted pitch deck slides into a completed pitch deck (draft).

Mentor Activities & Assistance

  • Review your customer discovery interview progress with your mentors.
  • Review your five-year financial forecast and go-to-market plan with your mentors.
  • Review your draft pitch deck with your mentors.